Parents want their children to have strong bodies and satisfactory heights, so many parents are paying more and more attention to improving their children's physical fitness during their developmental years and encouraging them to do more exercise.

A survey conducted by a Japanese magazine shows that the average body temperature of children today is 36°C, which is lower than the average body temperature of children of the same age 50 years ago, which was 37°C. A high body temperature indicates rapid absorption of nutrients and a strong immune system.

This survey data is a reminder that children today are less fit than in the past. The right amount of exercise is needed to generate heat, better absorb nutrients, improve immunity and aid development.

Children today are under a lot of pressure to study, and exercise can soothe the body, release stress and relax. Doing more exercise after studying helps relieve stress.

Exercise makes the body more coordinated, activates the body, and improves the ability to react, thus training the child's reaction and keen observation.

Strengthening exercise is a great help to growth. Choose a program that suits your child's physical condition, follow the laws of growth and development, and don't do high-intensity activities that exceed your body's range. Exercise at the same time to remind the child to do a good job of protection, warm-up preparations, relaxation after exercise, etc.. At the same time encourage your child to persevere, any exercise, and persistence is the effect.

So let's build a place for kids to exercise in the yard. Ninja Line obstacle course you deserve. It is the best opportunity to build a parent-child relationship while playing with your child.

Sports bring not only a strong body, let children have the spirit of collaboration and cooperation, and develop a sense of collective consciousness and honor. Parents should create conditions to take their children to exercise more, especially outdoor aerobics, which can also relax the body and mind, away from electronic products.