Swing is a long rope tied to the shelf, hanging pedal board, people swing back and forth with the pedal board items. If you want swings in your home, you have to buy them. How to buy a family swing? What do you need to pay attention to when using the swing? Today we are going to talk about swings at home.

How to buy family swing?

1. Materials. For younger children, a plastic or rubber swing is a good choice. Wood and metal materials are too hard for young children.

2. Chain. If it is a chain swing, please be sure to check whether the chain connection is firm, the chain of the small aperture is better than 0, 8 cm, otherwise,the child's hand is easy to card into the injury.

3. Age. For children under 2 years old, a saddle swing is recommended to support the child. For children over 2 years old, it is recommended to use a tire swing, because the child's bottom can be embedded, there is a certain protective effect on the child.

4, swing classification
Bird's nest swing: this rattan bird's nest swing, remember a TV series has such, the heroine at home sitting on the swing is not comfortable. This bird's nest swing is designed to be used by one person and indoors.

Romantic swing for two: With a large balcony or a French window, this swing is the best choice for two people together, watching the sunrise, watching the sunset, it is romantic and warm.

Multi-person swing: this multi-person swing is suitable for people who live in the top floor and have a roof. Hold a party on the rooftop, three or five friends eat barbecue swing, enjoy the beauty of the city, and see the sky. It's a perfect life!

Cloth art swing: cloth art swing is relatively cheap, but the beautiful degree and durable sex are opposite poor a few. If you just want to buy a swing to play it, you can choose a cloth swing.

Iron swing: love this iron swing whether the craft or shape is impeccable, swing seat part is very spacious, can lie can sit, but also 360 rotation, there is such a comfortable baby in the home, but also willing to go out?

Two, what should we pay attention to when using the family swing?

1. Don't stand on the swing, don't kneel, just sit.

2, both hands grasp the rope swing, do not open your hands.

3. Wait for the swing to stop completely before getting off.

Don't stay around the swing, don't stay in place after coming down, otherwise it is easy to be knocked down by swing.

5. Only one person can play at a time, not with others.

Visible, home purchases need to pay attention to the material, chain, user age, swing type, etc., in addition, home swing in the process of use need to pay attention to the correct method, such as don't stand on the swing, don't kneel, can only sit.