Sensory integration training is to use professional sensory integration training equipment to stimulate children's brain function and develop their vestibular sense, touch and self-awareness in the process of playing, so as to improve children's sensory integration ability. In a sense, it can also be said that sensory integration training is a kind of game and game training.


Feeling integration referred to as "SI theory, it is put forward by Dr Ayers, California, it refers to the brain to body organs (feeling, seeing, hearing, smell, taste, touch, motion perception) sensory information from the multiple organization analysis, comprehensive treatment, make the right decisions, make the whole organism function effectively, complete human cognitive activities of advanced and complicated, Including perception, memory, imagination, thinking, attention, understanding and so on.



The benefits of sensory integration training

 1.improve children's academic performance, improve their weariness


After a period of behavioral centralization and sensory integration training, children's movements become coordinated, their emotions become stable, and their attention ability is improved. For children with learning difficulties, their academic performance will be significantly improved after participating in sensory integration training.

 2.It can improve the inhibition of brain neurophysiology


Sensory training plays a significant role in improving children's fine operation ability, visual discrimination ability, language expression ability and reaction ability.

 3.Improve motor coordination


It has an obvious effect on children's poor balance ability and uncoordinated movement. For those children with poor motor coordination, training can significantly improve.

 4.promote the development of the tactile system


Whether it is sensitive to touch or insensitive to touch, after highly targeted sensory training, children can change their state of timid, crying, grumpy and indifferent


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