With the progress of society, the market is now divided into many types of toys, and now the toys are not only limited to children, and even many adults also like to play with toys, so the toys are now more and more sophisticated and beautiful, in the past, due to the growth environment, it is possible to cause in childhood can rarely play with many toys, so now the toys are not only children's category, but also extended to adults.

Toys have three basic characteristics: entertainment, education, and safety.
According to the function can be divided into: sports toys, educational toys, scientific and educational toys, military toys, fine toys, etc.

The role of sports toys.

Mainly used for children's sensory and basic movement training, such as training visual, auditory, hand-eye coordination, crawling, standing, walking, balancing, climbing and other movements, as well as agility, bravery, skill development and training.

Manifestations of sensorimotor disorders: modified isolation, hate to be touched, like to fight, fall down in class, fear of movement, uncoordinated hands and feet, etc.

1. Slackline

Children not only need to control the left and right swing when walking the slackline, but also to adjust the rise and fall of the center of gravity at any time, which helps to improve the child's sense of balance. Walking the slackline requires a high degree of concentration, you must breathe evenly, look ahead, and walk forward with one eye on the end. If you desert, it is easy to fail and fall down. For active, inattentive children, walking the slackline is the best training focus activities.



Swing not only can exercise the body's balance, but also a good way to exercise the whole body and mind. In children in the swing, the body's skeletal muscles will be rhythmically contracted and relaxed, which is conducive to the health of human muscles, and the vitality of the bones is also very beneficial.
And swinging is also very beneficial to children's psychology, it can constantly overcome children's tension and fear of psychology, and enhance children's mental capacity and self-control.

3. Ring


Children often play ring fitness can help children grow taller, but also has a stretching spine, drive the body to stretch, improve hunchback, and enhance the role of resistance. But parents need to pay attention not to let children pull the ring for a long time, and not too hard, because the ring is more likely to lead to dislocation of the baby's arm. Then parents should also urge their children to adhere to daily exercise, after all, the occasional exercise is not much effect.

These sports toys can not only bring joy to the child, but also bring health.