1. Baby has never been born before the habit of swinging in the mother's stomach feeling, so nature is very like swinging;

2. Children playing swing process can experience a different sense of touch, so as to promote the development of touch;

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3. Exercise coordination ability, and enhance body control. In the process of playing swing, the baby needs to master their own balance and speed, so as to get the exercise of body coordination ability;

4. Promote the development of major sports. Often playing swing baby's balance ability will be very good, good balance is the foundation of athletic ability;

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5. Defying gravity is one of the survival instincts of animals living on the earth. By playing on the swing, your baby learns to judge her relationship with the ground to build a sense of balance and visual-spatial concepts.

6. Children through playing swing, can rely on a lot of acceleration and rapid deceleration to provide vestibular system stimulation, so that children's neural pathways smooth, feel the increase and decrease of speed, get endless fun;

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7. Most children like to be held and rotated, but some children are afraid of rotation, this is because their brain can not adapt to the rotation stimulation, and by playing on a swing, the vestibular system can get stronger stimulation, which helps normalize.

【 attention 】 the baby to play swing benefits, but although the child-like, but also moderate can not play too long, and play swing must pay attention to safety, safety is more important than anything else.