Swinging is a traditional sport for all ages. There are so many ways to play. You can stand on the swing, or sit on the swing, and even double swing.

Today I'm going to talk about the Ninja Line Surfing Skateboard Swing, standing on it.

I've always wanted a swing. So when my birthday as I wish. My dad added a stylish skateboard swing to our backyard this summer.

In the summer evening, the swing is always the most popular. Around the swing, Four or five children play Rock- Scissors-Paper. The loser has to eagerly watch others play, while they wait to go. The winner can naturally sit on the swing first, And I'm a bummer. I never win.

Under everyone's gaze. Brother shook his chubby big buttocks and happily twisted on the swing. The wait was painful. However, the swing went higher and higher and won't stop.
skateboard swing
The cousin waited impatiently and shouted at the brother:
"you all swing so long, come down quickly".

"Ok, right away~" Answer lightly, It seems the mind is already with swing and floating out of the body.

The swing was like a pendulum, swinging in front of us.
The cousin couldn't help herself, yanked the rope, and the shaking gradually stopped. The boy on the swing seems to wake up suddenly. He twisted his fat body and jumped down reluctantly.

In order, it's my cousin's turn. She held the ropes on both sides of the Skateboard swing, hit the ground with her right foot and pushed to the left. The swing began to sway slightly. And so he swung higher and higher. The swing seems to have a kind of irresistible magic, let her ignore the things around them. My cousin's laughter wafted through the air. she felt so relaxed.
skateboard swing
At last, it was my turn. The swing quickly rose to the top, up and down. The sky and the ground spun with the shaking. I feel a little dizzy and disoriented.

At this time, I closed my eyes and felt the stars are closest to me. The wind whistled in my ears. With the sound of cicadas in the trees, the early summer wind blew my hair.

May we all be happy, and the swing can always take me down.
Ready? Set yet? Today! Go!

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