When I was growing up, one of the most common things my friends said to me was, "Honey, you really don't like exercise."Later, when I had a baby, I consciously developed his athletic ability at a very young age. Probably bought a lot of sports products, I personally think the better effect is the Ninja Line Monkey Bar, in my baby's words, can swing to swing, and can practice a superman's arm.

I have two trees in my yard, and I bought a ninja line obstacle course, which is just right to use. When my baby was very small, my husband would shake him on the monkey bars and he would laugh all the time.

monkey bar

When he was four years old, his hands could swing around the monkey bar, but he was too small and his arms didn't have enough strength to last only a short time Every time he did, he would cry to help. I tactfully installed the Ninja Obstacle Course Slackline for him, walking on the Slackline he was able to catch the Monkey Bar, and the baby smiled happily.

By the time my baby is seven, he no longer needs the help of a Slackline. He will do pull-ups with a monkey bar and show his Dad a little bit of muscle. I love seeing him smile.

By the time the baby is ten, my god, that ageing baby is no longer satisfied with the previous method of play. He began to explore all kinds of ways to play it, holding the monkey bar with both hands so he could flip his body in the air and make a cool Modelling when he landed. He said he'd be a super cool Spider-Man.
My baby had a great time in the Ninja Line Obstacle Course, and I hope you will, too.


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