Slackers Ninja line backyard obstacle course for kids and adults.Set up your training course in 15 minutes. Inspired by American ninja warrior training. This portable set can be installed between two trees or posts. You can mix the elements or add new ones, choose the distance between the obstacles, and use the slackline as a balancing line.

1.Product the tree.

Slackers Ninja line setup

We can make a loop.Make sure the belt is not twisted.So the trees don't get hurt.

2.Insert the loops

Slackers Ninja line setup

Spread the loops along the belt.Use black buckle for the climbing rope.

3.Pull the lock to open the ratchet

Slackers Ninja line setup

Feed the belt though the ratchet.Fix the belt with the ratchet.

4.Spread the loops along the belt

Slackers Ninja line setup

5.Tighten the ratchet as hard as you can.

Slackers Ninja line setup

Insert the carabiners. Insert the obstacles into the carabiners. Lock the carabiners. Perform a mandatory stress test.

6.Let the kids have fun.

Slackers Ninja line setup

Anchoring the ladder to the ground,makes it easier for the kids to climb it.

Do you get how to set up Slackers Ninja line? Just in case you encounter a problem during the setup - please send us a message or call us and we will help you out.
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