Enrich our backyard, of course. Take a set of ninja line obstacle courses and make your backyard a favorite place for your kids.


First, we have to find two trees to connect the slackline. If you don't have a tree, you can tie one side to your wooden swing set, or a sturdy post. This way the hanging slack band is installed.


Then we can install the ninja line accessories on, if you want to set up a course to exercise the arms, then I suggest you install the hoop, monkey fist, and monkey bars. This way a simple obstacle course is installed. Let's get started, my little friends.


ninja line obstacles course

Of course, the ninja line course set up a variety of options, you are free to match your accessories, want to make our course more interesting, then long in which to add climbing ladders, climbing nets, swings, these are the children's favorite things, but also can bring us the joy of things.


There are many kinds of ninja line courses set up, if you want to exercise your sense of balance, you can install your slack very close to the ground (about 10 cm or so). An easy extreme exercise is set up. Take your children to experience it, not only fun, but also very exercise.


ninja line



I think that you have a ninja line obstacle course, is to have a fun backyard gym. Because not only will you be able to let your kids enjoy the outdoors, but you will also be able to enhance your parent-child relationship.


It's really a great product to get away from the electronics and have fun with your buddies. You deserve to have it.