Hello, do you know what this picture is?

Congratulations, you got it!

That's right, the slackline is for kids to play and work on their balance. Not only children can play, but also adults can play. With Slackline, families can enjoy the fun of playing.

Look at this beautiful slackline for kids. It's not solid color like other slacklines. In order to make children feel interesting, we specially add patterns to the slackline. The patterns are anthropomorphic viruses, isn't it lovely?

In addition to that, a well-designed slackline set is made from high-quality materials, stronger, better quality, and more reliable ratchet tensioner. Soft and non-slip. The longer walk line is 56 feet, 50Ft+6Ft(in the part of the ratchet). By adjusting the spacing and incline of the line, you will have countless setups to challenge all skill levels. It can also be used as a typical slack line to change your workout.
Slackline for kids
Also, the slackline is long, at 56 feet. This means we can add more accessories to the slackline to play with, such as plastic triangle rings, round iron rings, hardboard swings, skateboard swings, colorful climbing nets, and more. This enriches the fun and experience for you and your children.

colorful climbing nets

Your child can walk with his or her feet on the slackline while holding the strap in both hands to build balance, courage, endurance and concentration. Parents can also play along. Click


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