As you know, Gentle Booms Sports is a company that builds fun for families.We bring fun to families.

Here are some comments from our buyers:

Buyer A:
Great for Active Kids
What a great company and product! Amazing customer service and they are quick to answer questions. The warrior edition is so easy to assemble and is durable and weather resistant. My 10-year-old son has had an amazing time on the course and it is so easy to change out the different obstacles. The fa [...]
Ninja Slackline

Buyer B:
Kids love it!
This ninja obstacle course is awesome! It's one of the few which has a second slackline and an arms trainer rope. It's really helpful for very small kids who can't quite play and hang on to the course yet. This means both big and small kids can play on the ninja course while adults like me sit back and [...]

It makes me happy to see our buyers having so much fun.
Some buyers have asked how to install Ninja Slackline, and today I'm going to show you how.
How to install Ninja Slackline

✅ Set the Ninja Slackline:
Step 1: Pull the ring to unlock the ratchet.
Step 2: Pull the webbing through the axle by hand and tighter the webbing as possible.
Step 3: Pull the ratchet back and forth repeatedly, locking the ratchet to make it tighter
Step 4: Finally close the ratchet to make sure the Ninja Line/ Slackline is fixed

✅ Release the Ninja Slackline:
Step 1: Pull up the puller and lay it flat
Step 2: Pull out the line forcefully to remove the device

Well, the method of installation has been told to everyone, is it particularly simple?
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