What's this?
Is it a hoverboard?
A standing swing?
Whatever you call it, it's a relatively simple project that can be assembled in just a few hours. Complete a skateboard swing that can bring endless fun to your backyard.

Skateboard Swing

Step 1: Find a skateboard.
An old skateboard is perfect when you're young and agile. If not, don't worry, you can find these at garage sales, flea markets, used sporting goods stores, or in your own garage.

Step 2: Get your toolbox ready
If you find or buy an old skateboard, remove the wheels and landing gear. This is where you will use a wrench and screwdriver. Use the holes in the board to which the wheel is attached as a guide to mark where you will drill the rope through the board. I used a ruler to help keep the rope hole. You want the rope to be about an inch and a half from the edge of the board for stability.

Step 3: Make handles
We used a wooden closet pole to make two pins of the same length as the width of the skateboard. Cut the pin to the desired length. These are your handles and need to be slightly longer than the width of your board. Drill a hole at each end of the two positioning rods about an inch and a half from the end.

Step 4: Hang the rope from the tree
Get a strong rope. You can reuse your retired climbing rope if there are no signs of wear or stress. Cut the rope into lengths of 30 to 40 feet. Two ropes crossed the branch, the loose end hanging down. Trees such as poplars and elms are notoriously fragile, so check the integrity of the branches around you

Step 5: Pull out the handle
The handles should be evenly arranged between the child's waist and shoulders to allow room for growth. Place one end of each rope down through one hole, then up through the other hole. Do this for each of the four dangling rope ends. In this way, the handle height can be easily adjusted for children and adults of all ages without untying the knot.

Step 6: Tie the knot and ride!
Pass the rope's end through the hole and tie a safety knot to the bottom of the board. Take some time to flatten the board and test the stability of the junction. Give your kids a trial run and feel the freedom of summer surfing.

skateboard swing

If you think it is too much trouble to make your own, then take a look at our finished product, with two meters of rope, cool to play!