Nowadays, with the development of The Times, electronic products have become extremely important products in our life. Not only adults, but even children are obsessed with electronic gadgets. But, you know what? Electronic products are very harmful to children, so we have to stay away from them.

So how do you keep your kids away from gadgets?

1. Children have a natural love of nature, especially in this thick autumn, the breeze is not dry autumn, nature is more attractive.

The roadside elf is lovely, like the stars. Take your child to nature for a walk regularly, which is conducive to the healthy development of your child's body and mind. For example, seeing more green is good for your eyesight; Where plants and trees flourish, it is a natural oxygen bar, which is conducive to the heart and brain; There is no one same thing in nature, rich and interesting nature can cultivate children's creativity and imagination.

2. Use parent-child activities instead of electronics. Take your child to discover a sport or two he likes and then play with her. Focus on making your child enjoy sports. Play toys and games together, indoors or outdoors. Not only will it take your child away from the devices, it will also drag you into your relationship.

3. Encourage children to play with friends. Parents can prepare some toys for children to play together and invite other children to join in. This will not only train children to cooperate and share ideas but also lay a foundation for children to socialize when they grow up.
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Many people ask that it's a great idea to keep kids away from electronic devices, but what outdoor toys are there instead? We searched for many products and recommend one that can not only make children exercise and improve their physical fitness, but also promote the parent-child relationships. Ninja line obstacle course, there are a lot of accessories, swings, rings, and climbing ladders, all of which are children's favorites, but also adults can play together.