In the study of family psychology, these three family interaction models are the most prominent. Every family interaction mode is a reflection of this family happiness index. This song's interaction mode mainly refers to the interaction mode between husband and wife, which can be divided into three types: concentric circle mode, separated circle mode, and intersecting circle mode.

Concentric circle model: low family happiness index

The specific performance is that the two people are "sticky" and close to each other. But after the formation of a family, it is easy to have a chaotic state of family and life. This kind of interaction mode also ignores the feelings of children in the family. It is not conducive to the promotion of family happiness.

Intersecting circle model: a family interaction model with the highest family happiness index

For the family of circle interaction mode, the husband and wife will be independent of each other and have a place to care about each other. Their work, love, and life are well distributed. That is, concentrate on work and family management. Children living in this family environment can feel their parents' love and security.

Separated circle model: a family interaction model with the lowest family happiness index

In the family interaction mode of the separated circle, the husband and wife are too independent to live together like two strangers. Children living in such a family environment are prone to a lack of love and security. Thus, feeling of inferiority and depression is produced.

The interaction mode between parents brings the most direct feelings to children. Moving closer to the concentric circle model is very helpful to improve the family happiness index. On the premise of giving children love and security, we should have more outdoor sports and entertainment for children.