Ninja Line? what's this?

Oh, oh, I guess..., it's a kind of toy.

The children along accessories, into the next accessories, like a cute monkey swinging from tree to tree.

Oh, yes, you're right.

Ninja warrior obstacle is not just a toy, it’s a family obstacle course in games and fun.

Let children in the process of playing stimulate their brain function, and exercise children's vestibular sense, touch, and ontology, so as to improve children's sensory integration ability. I'm going to introduce it to you all today.

Solve Real Problems Between Parents and Children

It can not only rearrange the parentage parenthood between parents and children but also promote the development of children's autonomy and solve the emotional self-control of children.

Adults, there are all kinds of happiness.

And what is the happiest thing for children?.

All children need is their parents' love and companionship.

On the most beautiful weekends, take the kids out into nature, in the backyard, in the gardens, in the field, at the beach, and Cherish their happiest time!

Our kids are like gymnastics training, on the hanging monkey bars growth, from fear to skilled.

Our children's joyful laughter heals everything.

Improve Children's Adaptive Capacity

Give children a chance to do it themselves. The child assembles the sets and the parents help hang them.

In addition to living on their own. Adaptation to the environment is also very important. In the interaction with people and the environment and with equipment, his adaptability will be greatly improved imperceptibly and unconsciously.

Build Strong Physique

Among the various Ninja Obstacle Course kit, children play with Accessories and Training like a Warrior. They walk on the Ninja Slackline, Treading On Thin Ice like an Extreme athlete. They climb on the ladder, walking fast and vigorously like a fireman. So, mobilizing the coordination of the body to promote, the operation of the body is the main performance of the course. Also can mold the child into a strong physique.

Increase Self-Confidence

We advocate that the setting of the game and the interaction between children and Accessories should be used to help children complete a correct self-dialogue, find self-esteem and confidence in the process of completing the game, and change the state of cowardice, crying, irritability and indifference.

Study Happy,Play Fun

Family Obstacle Course Sensory Integration Therapy can not only improve the ability of physical stability but also improve the ability of audio-visual concentration and emotional stability. For children with learning difficulties, being able to stabilize their posture in class and skillfully and thoroughly mobilize their visual and auditory systems to grasp effective cognitive information will bring about significant promotion, and their academic performance will be significantly improved.