Today we are going to take a look at making a simple disk swing for kids in the backyard.

Today we are going to take a look at making a simple disk swing for kids in the backyard.You do not need too much in the way of supplies. A round cricle, I got this at the hardware store. You will need a drill and some bits,some boing bits,to go through the wood,some rope to tie the string.

One of the best things about this, you can pick whatever color you want for the paint. And i have got some PVC pipe that is gonna help alittle bit on the disk swing. Now this is pretty straightforward. 

The problem with that is you only get to choose one color. They offer it in a single color. This way you can pick any color you want. So let us get started. First thing we need to do is take our circle, this is going to be the seat, this is a 12-inch piece of wood. We need to drill a hole right through the center of it. So here we have our three cords of equal length,with the midpoint identified,and at a 90 degree angle,lines drawn through the middle,and that gives us the center of our circle. Okay,so for the center of this, we will be putting this PVC,the rope is going to be going through this PVC and you want to get a boring bit that is just the size of the pipe that is going on here.

Drill right through the center of this. Alright,with the hole drilled,we are ready for the next step. Going to check the fit with this pipe. Fits through quite nicely,snug right around the middle here,which is good. It can still spin.

I am going to sand right around the edges of this, and then we will paint. Today i want to show you a simple trick to let you spray paint one both sides of an object. You have got the front and the back done. We are also gonna get the PVC pipe sprayed. Alright,so let me show you how to put the pieces together. So you can see I have slid the rope through here, slid the rope through this PVC tube,we are gonna put the PVC right through, remember the hole we drilled was nice and snug. On the bottom end, just to help hold things togeter and make sure it does not get all stuck, I have tied a bowline knot. And a piece of plastic that can be used for a handle or just make sure nothing slips through,depending on the size of your rope. And that is how the disk swing goes together.

Alright, so to get the disk swing hooked up, I have put a rope up in the tree. Suffice to say, there is a rope hanging up in the tree. And the double bowline knot is one of the keys to getting things hooked up, so we are gonna take a look at that. Now one of the keys to hooking everything up for this rope disk swing is using the right knots, and the knot that we are going to be using is the double bowline. So let me show you how to tie that, then we will take a look at where we will put it together. So here is where we have used the double bowline, we have tied one right here to make a loop, and tied a second one to make a loop right there. And then at the bottom of this double bowline is where we will be tying the rope with the disk swing on it. And this will allow us the ability to easily adjust the height of the rope stretches or have other adjustments that need to be made.

Alright, so I have tied a loop around here with another double bowline, and adjusted the length of the rope.

I hope you have enjoyed this, learned something, and have fun with the disk swing. It will keep kids busy for hours. And is not too hard to make.

If you haven't learned it, you can go online and buy it.