1.Select matrue trees or anchors

tree pad

That can support a minimum force of 2200lbs. Max circumference of the smaller of the 2 trees can not exceed 6 feet.

Wrap the tree pad around the tree trunk at the desired height. Take the end of the slackline through the black loop. Repeat the same steps for the slackline with the ratchet on the 2nd tree. Place the delta clips on the square buckles. Thread the slackline through each square buckle. Make sure the ratchet is facing down and closed. Insert the end of the slackline into the opening in the middle of the ratchet. Pull the lever to tighten the slackline. Keep pulling until you reach maximum tension(until you can not tighten anymore). When finished, make sure the bolt is fitting into the Coggin.


2. Releasing the ratchet

First, pull the inside safety lever to unlatch the ratchet. And the, pull the main lever to start releasing the slackline. Once the slackline is up, you can start to hook on the attachments.

3. Alternative method of swing chair installation

Place swing straps on a tree or any horizontal support.Hook delta clips and swing chair on the swing strap. Adjust the swing chair to a desirable height.

Ninja Slackline