Today I wanna show you how to build a simple swing set. It's very easy to put together, doesn’t take much time, and it’ll save you a lot of money over buying. So you can see the construction of this. It’s simply two A-frames at the end, with the beam across the top. And there’s some swing hung on it. It’d be very easy as well to take and build a platform on one end and secure a slide to it. So let’s take a closer look.

On the A-frame, we’ve got some four-by-four posts. That has been put together. These were some 10-footers. And then couple of support beams here and here. This one’s got a bolt going through. Going into it, rather, a big lag screw. And some other screws. You could use some screws, or get some lag-type screws to go into the wood. So put those together.

One of the keys to this swing set is up at the top of the A, you can see. The key to the construction here is getting your crossbeam secured with the two AS on the end. You can see this angle bracket that’s used to simply help hold things together. And the four-by-four posts have been notched out right here. Running through from one side to the other is a large bolt. It’s simply drilled though to help secure and hold everything together.

On the top of your A-frame, you wanna cut the four-by-four legs for the A so that they line up nice and smooth with this four-by-six beam across the top. There’s a plate put over the end of the A-frame. Just to cover up some of the mess there, leave it looking a little bit nicer. So, once you construct the two A-frames, put the beam up, and then it’s simply a matter of securing whatever attachments you want to the top of your beam here. You can see these brackets with chains and simply some swings.

Obviously, you could put rings up, or trapeze bars, things of that nature. So, here you have it, a very simple swing set to put together. Easy to do, doesn’t cost too much money and can be done in an afternoon. If you wanna take it a step further, build a little bit more, and add a platform on one end of the A-frame with a slide. Kids will have a great time.

Take a look below,I’ve got a link. where you can pick up swings and equipment to secure your swing set. Have a great day!