When I think of the wonderful and elegant art of swinging, I remember it was one of my favorite childhood play experiences. My grandmother tied the two ends of the homemade twine to the stakes, and made a simple swing for us. Grandma push me forward before a few, and I swung high with inertia. It was simply delightful.
When my younger sisters and I swung, a string of cheerful laughter rang out of our yard, even to attract the neighbor's small partners, Played crazily together. The rules of our game were to line up from high to low, and the short one started first. Swing back and forth 20 times, and then turned to the next buddy to play. Young children were naughty and always wanted to swing a few times. That naive and artless, full of childlike innocence. Happiness and naughty have been retained deep inside.

When the farming season was coming, grandmother unloaded the swing in our yard. She took us to the mountain orchard and found a perfect location. My younger brother climbed up the tree and hung the swing from the strong pole. It was as exciting as a cliff swing. Free to fly like a dream, the mountain flowers were blooming Beneath my feet, the mountain wind whistled in my ear, and the view of my hometown was all in my eyes.
We would also pick wildflowers to decorate the swings and weave a garland to wear on our heads, just like a princess in a fairy tale. That's how we play, Accompanied me through good times of childhood growth.

Time flies. Now we are adults and have our own families. And our kids love the swing. The difference is that now there are all kinds of ninja line swings. They can be seen everywhere in playgrounds, parks, and schools. And they are all very beautiful and more interesting. New designs, and new structural techniques, create new experiences.

In front of my yard is a forest, the trees are not Special thick, but they are very tall. I also bought a skateboard swing for my daughter and attached it to a tree.
My little girl raced to the woods after school. She jumped on the swing, grabbed the ropes with both hands, and swung. She was quick, balanced, and not intimidated at all. She looked so happy. I raised my face, looking at the clouds in the sky, watching the tree tops rise and fall with the swing and shake as if I was also flying among the trees!

In modern times, women themselves are a wonderful world: Hard to work, Fun to play and Go shopping to buy. Only when I sit on the swing, thinking of nothing, quietly rocking. My heart is peaceful.I can also swing very high, swing very fast, with the swing high and low, and experience the feeling of flying. A small swing, between the rise and fall, is like a perfect life, full of joy.

Time swing is the bond between generations, companionship, understanding, pleasure, and love.