Climb, Climb, Climb...
This is a saying I loved to say when I was young.
I was naughty when I was a kid, and my father said I was running around like a bunny.
For my safety, my father bought me a ninja line rainbow climbing ladder. It is also my birthday present, I am thrilled!

After I received the gift, my father installed the rainbow climbing ladder for me. It only took 5 minutes, and it was very fast! He found two very large trees, and then installed a webbing on the tree, a square buckle, and a Meilong lock on the webbing. The square buckle can be moved freely, and the distance between the square buckles is adjusted. Finally, It is okay to hang the ninja line rainbow climbing ladder in mei Long lock again.

Rainbow climbing ladders can make me braver. Climbing, grasping, stretching and other actions can promote the development of body coordination and balance.
In addition to the rainbow climbing ladders, we also have many ninja line obstacle courses that can enhance physical fitness. For details, please refer to