When inviting children to an outdoor birthday party or playdate, it is helpful to have a few activity ideas ready. Outdoor games and activities for children do not have to be complicated.

Simple, easy-to-follow instructions can keep children of any age active for hours. This means that children can spend more time outside with friends, enjoying the sun and fresh air.

Fun outdoor games that kids love to play
The following list features classic fun games that do not require many parts or setups.


The object of this ball game is to run as far away from the person throwing the ball as possible, as fast as possible, and to dodge the ball when it is thrown without moving your feet.

Be sure to use a very soft ball, such as a foam ball, which is specially designed to be thrown without hurting people.
How to Play

1. Start with a person in the middle. That person is the thrower, or "it." The others stand within arm's reach of the person who throws.
2. The thrower throws the ball straight up into the air. As soon as the ball is released, the player begins to run away from the thrower. As the thrower catches the ball and returns, "Spud!" and the players immediately freeze in place.
3. The thrower tries to tag the player with the ball. The frozen player can try to dodge the ball, but cannot move his feet. If hit, the player receives an "S" and moves to the center to become the next thrower.
4. If the thrower fails, repeat steps 2 and 3.
5. The game is played until all four letters "S-P-U-D" are in place, at which point the player exits the game. The game continues until there is only one player left. That player is the winner.

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Red Light, Green Light

This is a simple and fun outdoor game that requires no setup or accessories. It can be enjoyed by small or large groups.

How to Play
1.One person is designated as the "stoplight." The Stoplight stands with his back to the other players and the players stand about 15-20 feet away from him.
2.The Stoplight says, "Green Light!" and signal the player to start moving toward you. The stoplight then calls out, "Red light! and turns around. If any player is moving when the stoplight turns around, that player is ejected.
3.The game ends when all players are out before anyone reaches the stoplight or someone tags the stoplight. The player who reaches the stoplight may be the stoplight in the next game.

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This game is essentially a reverse version of "hide-and-seek.

How to Play
1. One person hides as "it" and everyone else searches for "it."
2. Each player who finds "it" joins that hiding place.
3. When one by one they find "it," they all rush into the hiding place and join together like sardines in a can (hence the name of the game). The last person to find the lair becomes the next "it."

Ninja Line

The slacker training kits are easy to install, you just need to find two trees, or poles at the right distance.

How to Play
1.The obstacle course is tied to a balanced line and then fixed to a tree.
2.Children can walk on it or climb it.