So many people have questions? What is a ninja line now?

I think we all know the slackline, the ninja line is based on the slackline transformation, he added a set of obstacles on the basis of the slackline. And the ninja line is to have two sets of lines, the child can not only walk through the above but also use a belt below to exercise balance.

The most basic ninja line know, then we teach you how to play it!

First, we have to find two trees (or two poles that can support the weight), the distance between the two trees to the length of the ninja line you buy to decide. The height of the suspension we generally recommend is 2-2.4m, and the distance between the two lines at line

 Then we can put these matching log buckle and Melon lock first installed on the ninja line, adjust the distance, the distance of this day buckle, which is the distance of our back mounted on the obstacle. Install the day buckle, with ratchet link link straps fixed.

ninja line swing

 After the ninja line is installed, we can hang our obstacles on it. A complete set of the ninja obstacle courses is installed.

We all know the benefits of the slackline, not only to enhance the sense of balance, and training concentration, but also to enhance coordination and physical function. And the words of the ninja line are his upgrade, the addition of hanging obstacles can be more enrich children's outdoor sports.