Slackline walking is also called rope walking, which means walking on a sling fixed between two points to maintain body balance and even complete a variety of new movements or skills. It was developed by rock climbing enthusiasts and was originally used as a balance exercise. Later, it became an extremely challenging sport and gradually became popular in China. The game includes low-altitude, high-altitude, distance challenges, and Slackline challenge pattern movements. There are many masters of the zip-belt in American history. There is no fixed rule for the ribbon used in Slackline sports Slackline. Generally speaking, it is a nylon ribbon with a certain tensile strength, and the length is the limit of the challenge. The Slackline can still withstand considerable tension with a tightening system at both ends. There is still some flexibility, but not too much.



The slackline is actually quite simple for the field. It is mainly considered that the two ends of the slackline have appropriate distance and reliable bearing point, which can bear the weight of one or two people and some actions of the slackline, including the tension of the moment of the bounce. Trees, steel pillars, and so on are good choices.

The site is best on the lawn (considering whether to allow trampling in line with public morality), so that the landing reduces the risk of impact and injury, even more than a 1-meter high landing will not be very painful. If you have a cushion underneath, you'll feel more comfortable trying to do it.

Walk Slackline generally does not wear shoes, directly barefoot in the above walk. If you wear shoes, choose the right shoes, otherwise, it is easy to twist your feet and fall off the ribbon.


ninja slackline

The site should be careful to avoid interference. Due to the high concentration of attention when walking the belt, when the balance will suddenly jump, so in the process of walking the belt, no other people are allowed to get close to the belt, in a crowd should let a partner watch and remind. In particular, outsiders should not approach or touch the ribbon during walking. That's because when a strap walker jumps, it releases more force than most people think, which can lead to accidents.


No matter in practice or in performance, it is impossible not to repeat the same movement - falling from the slackline. All contingencies of landing must be considered. The erection of the slackline height consideration, in addition to the middle point of the slackline body weight pressure, does not touch the ground, is to consider the height of the impact on the fall. In the slackline should be ready to land at any time, when walking flat swing is too big, can not control, should take the initiative to jump. If you are too reluctant to stick your feet to the Slackline, it is easy to lose balance and fall over, resulting in serious consequences, such as wrist bruising or landing on other parts of the upper body.

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