Every year before Christmas, people start to put up a Christmas tree. If you haven't bought a Christmas tree yet or don't know how to decorate it, Gentle Booms Sports share my experience.


Decorating a Christmas tree Step 1:


Take out the tree bracket and secure the branches to the support frame. Arrange each layer of Christmas leaves so that the branches expand.


Decorating the Christmas tree Step 2:


The branches and leaves installed on the Christmas tree, this is not limited to how to install, can be arranged according to each person's preference, the commonly used way is up and down cross, and then the branches will be assembled one by one, pay attention not to be too neat, keep a little tree's natural posture is the best.

Decorating the Christmas tree Step 3:

Next, you can start decorating the Christmas lights. It can be layered around the tree or wound up and down. Finally, hang carefully selected ornaments on the tree. In order to avoid the picture being too complex, the proposal does not choose too many kinds of ornaments, can choose the commodity of the same color department, the Christmas tree that decorates comes out will have an unexpected effect.


Decorating the Christmas tree Step 4:

Finally, some herbs are used in Christmas food, drinks, and decorations. One of them is sage. Its leaves are used to cook turkeys and geese. The fragrant rosemary is also a popular spice. At Christmas, they are also hung on doors or trimmed to look like little Christmas trees.


Decorate a Christmas tree in addition to those basic configurations, but also use a lot of accessories to increase its decorative, and uniqueness. For example, you can add some DIY pendants, hand-made small pendants hanging on the Christmas tree, more meaningful. Of course, there are some natural elements, a small animal theme, and children's theme decoration is also very warm and unique, I believe that can bring characteristics to the indoor Christmas tree decoration. Gentle Booms Sports will always be by your side. Merry Christmas and best wishes to all of you!