The fourth week of November every year. The fourth is Thanksgiving Day in the United States, but Thanksgiving is not only in the United States, but also in Canada People also celebrate Thanksgiving. In Canada, Thanksgiving is on the second Monday in October.


 Have dinner together. Thanksgiving is a day when people usually drop everything and eat together Great dinner. Because Thanksgiving is to thank God and the Indians for helping us. The settlers had a bumper harvest, so the dinner was rich.


To eat Turkey. When it comes to Thanksgiving, we can't help but mention the custom of eating Turkey. Americans like eat Turkey, especially on the Thanksgiving table, Turkey is indispensable food. It's pre-marinated, oven-cooked, and served Pumpkin pie.


 Family reunion. Thanksgiving is also the biggest holiday before Christmas, So families usually get together on this day. Young people who work outside the home will also put down Go to work, come home and enjoy the holidays as a family.

Play a game. After dinner, families with large numbers of people can play games. Usually Some traditional games, but the festival has to change with The Times, now we can play some Invented games or board games are also ok, you can also sing together, both are not Wrong choice.


 A party. Americans who love a big party also have a big party at home on Thanksgiving Day Party, let more friends celebrate Thanksgiving together, gather some friends and family, together Eating food and drinking wine is indeed a very enjoyable thing.


Shopping. Malls in the United States have discounts the day after Thanksgiving, and people Shopping is also a part of Thanksgiving. Buy a ninja line training kit for your kids, they will be very happy.


A parade. Many floats and well-dressed people are organized and paraded along the busiest streets carrying celebratory banners and slogans. People we knew and people we didn't know celebrated together, and it was very lively.