Many of us now have these ninja line hanging obstacle courses in our backyards. This is a kind of slackline tied between two trees, and then hang a lot of obstacles on the slackline, such as swings, hoops, climbing ladders, etc. Then the children have fun in the process of climbing and swinging. But in fact, suspension exercise training is also a treatment method.
ninja line

Sling Exercise Therapy (S-E-T) is to establish the correct control functional area by stimulating the neural network, restore balance, coordination, control and dominance through active intervention techniques, and gradually solve the abnormal force and abnormal posture produced by the malfunction of brain control, thus improving musculoskeletal disorders in a lasting way.

Through the weightless and unstable motor mechanism of suspension exercise, sensory integration training, guided education and goal-oriented activities are integrated to reduce muscle tone, relieve generalized spasticity, improve joint mobility, enhance muscle strength and achieve reconstruction of central nervous system pathways.
ninja line suspension obstacle

The advantages of Suspension Exercise Training (SET).

1、Good compliance, no pain during training, children like it very much.

2, there is good entertainment, in the process of playing to achieve the process and purpose of training.

3, there is a good interaction, in addition to the therapist actively carrying out some training and child participation, parents are also the largest participants.

4、Training the deep stable muscle groups that are rarely practiced in usual sports training

5、Improve the ability of muscle coordination contraction

6、Stimulate the sensory-motor organs and improve the coordination of sensation and movement

7、Correct the child's pelvic problems.

8、Improve the core control ability.

Our ninja line suspension obstacle can not only bring joy to children, but also bring health.