Would it be cool to walk on the slackline? Once you are able to stand and walk comfortably on your first short slackline, experimenting with movements will give you a better understanding of the sensation of balance. Here are some moves from easy to difficult:

Sitting up: standing up after stabilizing from a flat strap in a seated position. Sitting up is an ideal starting method after the belt has risen from the ground. There may be other ways of mounting the sling, such as standing on it with one hand, which is very difficult and dangerous.

Sitting up points: hold and press the slackline with both hands, cross the slackline with both legs, balance carefully, sit on the slackline slowly, and gently lift one foot onto the slackline, as close to the body as possible. After stabilization, lift the other foot on the slackline in front of the foot, forming a cross-legged open knee posture, two arms open to adjust the balance.
Before standing, as close as possible to the body of one foot slowly send force, steady and quickly stand up, and with the front foot share force, after standing quickly balance the body.

Reverse walk: the slackline does not turn back to walk backward, in fact, there will be no great difficulty.

Turn: slackline turn, is a basic important skill. One foot in front of the horizontal trample slackline, the body quickly turns, the front foot changes the back foot, and the center of gravity quickly changes the point of action. There are forward turns and back turns. After mastering the turn, try a series of turns, in different directions, and experience the new freedom of the slackline with the breakthrough of the turning skill.
slackline for kids

Jump on the belt: jump on the belt from the ground, generally a little run-up, one foot on the belt, the back foot to follow, immediately adjust balance. Jumping with both feet can be a difficult challenge.

Kneel: stand, slowly squat, kneel back leg knee to the flat band to half kneel. Adjust, kneel on your front feet, and balance yourself. When standing from the kneeling position, the back foot can be pressed flat and gradually stand up.

Lying down, all kinds of yoga movements are static movements that will also adapt to the slackline and gradually experience. In practice, it can be a great challenge to follow a master routine.
ninja slackline

Jumping up and down on a slackline and "surfing" on a slackline is a dynamic, cool and difficult challenge. If you have the talent or discover the tricks and practice, you may soon become an expert on the slackline.