Hey, guys! 

Halloween is just a few days away!

Have you figured out how to trick your best friend?




Legend 500 BC, the Celtic people think that October 31 is a day of winter, the dead will return to the day, looking for living things, so as to get the chance of rebirth, and if the living people put out the lights and the fire, the dead will not be able to find the living, at the same time to make up their own ghosts frighten away the dead.



We have something for you for Halloween!

1, the Ninja Warrior Hanging Obstacle Course | Candy land


Ninja Warrior Hanging Obstacle Course
  • A great gift for kids, playmates,birthday,Halloween,Christmas. the Ninja warrior line hanging obstacle course is quick and easy to set up, a convenient carry bag lets you take it wherever you go. Prefect for all occasions, such as outdoor birthday parties, forest camping, backyards, playground, fitness class and so on
  • Our Ninja training obstacle course are specially designed for kids over 5 ages and up. Two slacklines for players from beginner to advanced. Get your kids outside and overcome obstacle course of different difficulty in the most fun ways
  • Ninja Warrior Line course can be set up in multiple configurations for multiple skillsets. By Adjusting thespacing and incline of the line, you will have countless setups to challenge all skill levels. It can also be used as a typical slack line to change your workout
  • Ninja Line provides sensory integration training, coordination, and exercise memory


2, DIY Climbing Rope with Four Plamfort Kit Set(3)


  • A great gift for kids, playmates birthday,Halloween, Christmas
  • When playing on the Ninja line kit set, children laugh freely to release their pressure and relax their mood
  • Overcome the tension and fear emotions, improve their own resilience and courage
  • Ninja Line provides sensory integration training, coordination, and exercise memory


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Go now! Welcome Halloween!