A ninja slack line kit includes a slack line set about a foot off the ground and also a slack line set above the head that holds the obstacles in place.Ninja slackline is a great design that makes you a real brave man. 


ninja slack line


Ninja slack line encourage kids to exercise, as physical activity is crucial for staying healthy. These obstacle courses can improve coordination, core strength, stamina, and overall health. This is a great way to introduce kids to climbing walls, zip lines, and other exciting sports that require mental and physical ability. It is important that children practice safely before they can start to climb.


slack line

Your Family Obstacle Course can also be used as a basic slackline course, which is great for balance and core conditioning.

 NOTE: Due to the double web construction, the Family obstacle course in only intended for basic slackline walking and balancing.

 For specifific installation methods, please refer to youtube video: https://youtu.be/vd1nY5VISxM

 Remove all obstacles and Delta clips from your family obstacle course. Do not attempt to slackline with anything attached to your family obstacle course

 Use the same precautions and instructions for attaching the family obstacle course except the height for your slackline setup will be only as high as the knee height of your shortest user-do not exceed 3 feet in height from the ground!

If you want to buy a ninja slack line, recommend a good shop:


Ninja slack line